The Do's and Don'ts of Executive Resume Writing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Executive Resume Writing

Writing a professional CV is an art, and not everyone is an artist. There are so many tiny details that we need to take care of. It is just like cooking your favorite dish. If you put one ingredient wrong, the taste of your whole dish will change. So, everything in your CV should be in a balance. You must know exactly what you need to do and what not.

Typical Vs Executive CV

I bet most of us don’t even know that typical and executive CVs are different. And that is the biggest mistake that we make while writing our executive CVs. We write it generally, not knowing that it is not what our recruiters expect from us.

Don’t get confused; let me explain it to you. The difference is simple. Unlike the traditional CV, executive CVs are written to showcase your ability to lead and contribute to organizational success. So, it is like a customized version of your CV. Now, let us see how you can write such CV by highlighting the do’s and don’ts of your executive CV writing.

The Do’s

1. Do Highlight Your Leadership Skills

So, if you are writing an executive CV, then highlighting your leadership skills is crucial here. You need to emphasize your ability to lead teams and manage projects, leading to organizational growth. It is not like you keep blabbering about yourself. You need to give examples and quantify your achievements to support your claims.

For Instance: “I led a sales team of 20 people at XYZ company with a 200% increase in sales within one year.”

So, this example shows your leadership skills and your achievements. Hence, supporting your statements.

2. Do Focus on Achievements

Well, your achievements matter a lot in your executive CV. So, you need to emphasize them just the way we did above. But make sure that you are only adding achievements that are relevant to the job post.

3. Do Include a Professional Summary

A professional summary is an important part of any CV. And it must be the best. You just have 3-4 seconds to impress your recruiters and urge them to read along. So, choose your words carefully and make a lasting impression.

4. Do Tailor Your Resume for Each Position

Executive CVs are mostly written for specific roles. So, you must customize them for the role you are applying for to improve your chances.

5. Do Use Strong, Action-Oriented Language

Your CV is your first impression of your recruiters. So, it must be sophisticated enough to impress them in a wink. So, the choice of words is really important here. Hence, use strong and action-oriented words like “led,” “Achieved,” and “Growth.” These words are quite impactful and really help your CV to stand out from others.

6. Do Include Relevant Keywords

Most organizations now use the Application Tracking System (ATS) to shortlist candidates. So, you must incorporate relevant keywords in your CV to pass that software easily.

7. Do Keep It Professional

Your CV must reflect a high professionalism level. It must be clean and well-formatted to impress your recruiters.

If you ever need help with your CVs, you can reach out to Professional Resume Writing Services for Executives, who will assist you in crafting a flawless CV.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t Use a Generic Resume

Well, never use the same CV for all job applications. You must know that one size doesn’t don’t fit all. Hence, craft a customized resume for each job you are applying for.

2. Don’t Include Irrelevant Information

Your recruiters are not interested in listening to your life achievements. So, keep your CV to the point and only add information that is relevant to that job.

3. Don’t Use Jargon or Buzzwords

Well, simplicity is the key here. Your recruiter must interpret your CV easily. You don’t really need to overload it with jargon or buzzwords, as it might only leave them irritated.

4. Don’t Exceed Two Pages

You know, 63% of recruiters prefer a one-page CV. So, no matter what, never exceed two pages on your CV. But a one-page CV is ideal for jobs.

5. Don’t Neglect the Visual Appeal

Appearance matters a lot. So, you must make your CV visually appealing to your recruiters to grab their attention quickly.

6. Don’t Forget to Include Contact Information

Well, it is quite obvious, but don’t forget to add your contact information while focusing on other important things in your CV.

7. Don’t Lie or Exaggerate

You know there is no point in lying or exaggerating in your CV. Finally, you have to provide proof of everything that you mentioned in your CV. So, be honest while crafting your CV.

Final Words

So, these are the ultimate tips that will help you in crafting a  for you. So, whenever you are writing your resume, just make sure that you are following these dos and don’ts to make an exceptional CV for yourself with the exact information your recruiter is looking for. But don’t forget to customize it for each job to ensure that your recruiter is impressed by your amazing skills. Best of Luck, I am sure that you will ace it.

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